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Syracuse Motion Technology

Syracuse Motion Technology operates the crane as an autonomous industrial robot, plotting the optimal trajectory for each specific crane, load and real-time worksite.

Syracuse utilizes the crane’s full capabilities and load characteristics, unhindered by human limitations.

The result is a unique and complex crane movement, reducing load transport times by up to 60%.

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A better way forward

Syracuse crane load movement consists of a sequence of non-linear crane motions, incorporating safe load sway, rather than restraining it along the entire path. Syracuse load movement vastly differs from that of a human operator, and is unique to Syracuse motion technology.

Syracuse non-linear lift



All the rest - linear lifts


How it works

8-Step Autonomous Motion Technology

  • 1

    Models crane-specific capabilities

  • 2

    Generates real-time, 3D worksite model

  • 3

    Identifies load characteristics

  • 4

    Determines all possible crane movements

  • 5

    Calculates correlating load sway

  • 6

    Plots all possible movements to Drop-off

  • 7

    Maneuvers load autonomously along fastest trajectory

  • 8

    Modifies movements to avoid obstacles

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