Crane Tech Engineered for Efficiency

Complete solution for autonomous cranes

Syracuse provides a complete hardware and software solution, enabling your crane to operate autonomously.

The Syracuse crane tech solution incorporates standard crane industry systems augmented with advanced autonomous components, including motion sensors, cameras, and LiDAR.

Syracuse autonomous cranes technology is easily installed on the crane, with limited maintenance and maximum durability.


Tight schedules, multi-crane sites, night shifts and limited skilled operators all contribute to the crane's ranking among the leading causes for injuries and fatalities in construction.

Syracuse crane tech provides all standard crane safety functionalities including Zoning and Anti-collision. However, rather than just stopping the crane before collision, Syracuse actively plots and maneuvers the crane on a collision-free trajectory.

As new obstacles appear, Syracuse autonomous cranes solution identifies them and dynamically recalculates a continued safe trajectory to target.

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Real-time data capture

Syracuse autonomous cranes technology captures a wide range of visual and sensor data, as the crane maneuvers throughout the construction site.

Data captured includes crane operation, load dimensions and positioning and as-built construction monitoring.

Syracuse real-time data significantly improves control and management of the construction process.

Autonomous tech for any crane

Syracuse autonomous cranes are designed to suit new, in-use, and even legacy cranes, enabling them to operate autonomously.

Our core crane tech can be adapted to all types of cranes, including luffing, STS, gantry, and mobile.

Complete hardware solution

High-grade motion sensors, cameras, and LiDAR allow Syracuse crane tech to capture real-time data and operate the crane autonomously.

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Crane position sensors

  • Slewing angle and trolley position
  • Hook cable length
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Operator terminal

  • In cab system interface
  • Portable for remote operation
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Load camera

  • Live video streaming
  • Load tracking
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  • 3D site modeling
  • Real-time obstacle detection
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Jib Tip technology

  • Exact location sensors
  • Structural deformation tracking
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Target position marker

  • Signalperson hand-held unit
  • Exact positioning with no line of sight

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